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I wsa just wondering if this is a moisturizer??
Recent question:
Is it supposed to be a brown, thick consistency? Almost like peanut butter
Recent question:
Itchy skin with resveratrol be
Recent question:
Can I use this in the day before applying a moisturizer or makeup?
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Do I still need to use miracle worker pads with this?
I've been using the obagi system for over a month, can I incorporate the TNS in my routine?
Can I use Vit C crystals with the TNS Recovery Complex or add them to my moisturiser after I have applied the TNS serum?

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Topix Citrix CRS 20% Serum with Growth Factor

The hottest product in anti-aging skin care.
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Questions & Answers for Topix Topix Citrix CRS 20% Serum with Growth Factor



I currently use Topix SRS Cell Repair Therapy under my moisturizer and sun block. Given the higher cost, is the following product worth it in comparison to what I do now: Topix Citrix CRS 20% Serum with Growth Factor? Thanks a lot for any advice.
asked 3 years, 9 months ago
 - Alabama
on Topix Citrix CRS 20% Serum with Growth Factor
1 answer
answer 1
Not sure what the Cell Repair is supposed to do, but I can tell you the effects of the Topix Citrix 20% are crazy noticeable! It is not a retinol product, so I don't think it's really for texture or wrinkles, but you will see huge brightening and toning effects.
answered 3 years, 3 months ago
 - Los Angeles

Approximately how long would the 1 ounce bottle last if applied once per day face and neck?

asked 2 years ago
 - Friday Harbor, Washington
on Topix Citrix CRS 20% Serum with Growth Factor
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