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I use the toner tea bar to cleanse. Is this product used instead of the tea bar?
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Does this help get rid of blackheads as well?
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Are these products supposed to be used together?
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Is old cleaning machine suitable for this new brush?
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Application day or night?
If I use this duo package of products, would I still need to use the Retinol complex for 58 yr old aging skin?
I'm 34 years and I have wrinkles around my eyes, do you recommend me the SkinMedica TNS Recovery Complex Best Results Kit ?
Is this something you use daily everyday, or something you would do a few times a month?
I am using this product and my sensitive breakout prone skin has responded beautifully!!!!! I have seen a new clarity in my skin tone as a result. I

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StriVectin-TL Tightening Trial Kit

A trio of products that help to combat sagging and wrinkles.
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Questions & Answers for StriVectin StriVectin-TL Tightening Trial Kit


Can the Strivectin-SD be used on the body? I use this on my face everynight with fantastic results.

asked 3 years, 11 months ago
 - Bronx, NY
on StriVectin-TL Tightening Trial Kit
1 answer
answer 1
I use Strivectin all over my body I this product
answered 3 years, 8 months ago
 - Perth western Australia
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