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does this one contain any attachment like the picture shows?
Recent question:
Does this hand-held comes with a filter or I still need to buy the filter?
Recent question:
Is the first filter included with the shower head? Thanks.
Recent question:
Would this be a good choice for tender headed child with fine hair?
Recent question:
Is this a good comb for detangling long,curly hair?
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Would this be a good choice for tender headed child with fine hair?
How does this brush work? Is it battery/plug operated or manual?

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T3 Veloce Hair Dryer

This high tech hair dryer dries hair up to 40% faster for a super smooth, professional finish.
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What is the wattage?

asked 3 years, 5 months ago
 - Los Angeles, CA
on T3 Veloce Hair Dryer
0 answers
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