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Can you apply ScarGuard over a short beard to reach the scars and will it be as effective?
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Will this protect a fresh wound, or only on existing scars?
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When is the expiration date?
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Is it easy or difficult to cleanse this product from the skin?
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Do you have a product to remove keloids (scar tissue)? I have them on my lipline from stitches following an injury.

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Mederma Mederma 50gr Tube- 3 Pack

Improve the appearance of your scars and SAVE!
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Questions & Answers for Mederma Mederma 50gr Tube- 3 Pack


When is the expiration date?

Because I want to order 6 tubes, I need to a long expration date.
asked 3 years, 3 months ago
on Mederma 50gr Tube- 3 Pack
0 answers
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