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What's the percentage of Zinc in this product? Can you list it? Also why does the pediatric COTZ have more zinc? Should I use that instead?
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How much zinc oxide does DermaQuest ZinClear SPF 30 contain??
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Is this product good for using on a daily basis under make-up?
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Is Coola Sport SPF 45 broad spectrum i.e. does it provides protection for both UVA and UVB sun rays?
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Is this product safe during pregnancy?
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Hi!My name is Alla.How is right to use this product?Is it has to be applied to the bare skin or on the skinceutical vit or other moiturisers?
Is this sunscreen good for oily skin
which do you apply first skin care items or suncreen
Is this product as sheer as the Physical UV Defense?

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Coola Coola Total Body SPF 30 Plumeria

A paraben-free formula that protects head-to-toe with organic plumeria extracts.
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describe the scent

I've been looking for the Mango Coola Sport Sunscreen, but skinstore doesn't seem to carry it. I have been afraid to try this one, the Plumeria scented total body sunscreen, as I have no idea what Plumeria would smell like, or if it is a desirable thing to smell of. Does anybody know? Will there come a day when skinstore carries the Mango?-they only have unscented of the sport sunscreen.
asked 2 years, 6 months ago
 - Ann Arbor, Mi
on Coola Total Body SPF 30 Plumeria
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