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Clarisonic Skin Care System Pink

Clarisonic Pink makes a difference. $5 of your purchase goes to the Look Good...Feel Better campaign.
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Questions & Answers for Clarisonic Clarisonic Skin Care System Pink


Difference between Classic & Mia models? Sensitive Brush Head?

Hi there,

I am interested in the Clarisonic SkinCare system, and try to decide between Classic & Mia. It is a $50 difference in price, so I am debating if the extra $50 worths it.

In addition, I am concerned about how to keep the brush head clean. How am I going to keep the brush head free from bacteria every time after use?

Thank you!!
asked 3 years, 4 months ago
on Clarisonic Skin Care System Pink
1 answer
answer 1
The main differencee is the classic has two speeds settings and the mai only has one. The mia also does not have a counting sequence for when you need to move from one spot on your face to the next. As in 20 seconds for forhead, 10 seconds for each cheek. So it depends on if you want to count yourself or want it to beep for you and if you think you will use two speeds.
answered 2 years, 8 months ago
 - KY

Can you use this product in Australia? Does it come with an International charger. Thank you

asked 3 years ago
on Clarisonic Skin Care System Pink
1 answer
answer 1
From the manufacturer's website:
"Use your Sonic Cleansing System anywhere in the world

The Clarisonic Mia is rechargeable with the Universal Voltage Charger, which magnetically attaches to the Mia handle. A fully charged Mia gives 20 minutes of use.

The charger is compatible with 100-240 Volts AC; 50/60 Hz, allowing it to be used worldwide with the appropriate country adapter. If the shape of the plug does not fit the power outlet, use a plug adapter of the proper configuration for the power outlet.

NOTE: The Mia handle is not compatible with the charging cradle for the full-size Clarisonic models."

According to them, you should not have any problems :)
Hope that helps!
answered 1 year, 10 months ago
 - Ohio

Is there a guarantee?

asked 4 years, 4 months ago
 - 91360
on Clarisonic Skin Care System Pink
0 answers
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