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Recent question:
Is the LIGHT Shade of the 37 Actives foundation yellow-based or pink-based? Or neutral?
Recent question:
I wore true makeup fair 4 for years........would foundation buff be the right color for me. I am fair skin and i have some pink to my complection
Recent question:
Does 37 Actives contain sun block? What number?
Recent question:
Deos this product provide SPF protection?
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Does it cover stretch marks? In terms of colour?
Would it rub off on a white dress or bikini? Or if I go in the swimming pool?
How can I know which shade of power will work best with my skin tone? Are all fountains non-returnable if the color is wrong?

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Dermablend Dermablend Cover Creme Medium Beige

Complete your skin care routine with the #1 Dermatologist recommended camouflage brand.
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Questions & Answers for Dermablend Dermablend Cover Creme Medium Beige


I would like to know if I need to loosen the make-up before using or leave the smooth top.

When the lady in the store put it on me, it looked wonderful, covered the problem area, however when I tryed it before going to Church yesterday, it didn't look the same. Also I noticed later on in the day, it looked as if I had never put anything on my skin. what am I doing wrong ?
asked 4 years, 4 months ago
 - Dillards @ Four Seasons Mall/ Greensboro,NC
on Dermablend Cover Creme Medium Beige
1 answer
answer 1
i find that without using the setting powder the dermablend will wear off much faster... are you using the powder?
it takes a long time to get used to using dermablend i find the best way to use it is to scrape a little of with the spatula then place in in the palm of your hand, mix it a little with a finger and then use it. I find this makes the product easier to work with .

keep trying! it just takes practice.
answered 4 years ago
 - Perth, Australia

I have vitiligo on my face. Is this product intended to replace the foundation I am currently using?

asked 4 years, 2 months ago
 - Loveland, CO
on Dermablend Cover Creme Medium Beige
1 answer
answer 1
Absolutely...it is the best coverage for vitiligo which I have had for over 40 years...It looks natural and goes on easily...use sparingly until you get the coverage you seek.
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answered 3 years, 9 months ago
 - Massachusetts

What ever happened to the Cover Creme Compact?

I used to love the Cover Cream that was in a Compact. Great to keep in you purse for a quick touch up. PLEASE bring it back!!! (Chroma 2 1/2)
asked 5 years ago
on Dermablend Cover Creme Medium Beige
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