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Can a pregnant woman use this slimming serum during and after her pregnancy?
Recent question:
can i still use this even if i've given birth 2 years ago?
Recent question:
Is there any information on how this product works on those floppy, 'Bat Wings'? Thank You.
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has the scent been returned to this product?
Recent answers
can i still use this even if i've given birth 2 years ago?
How many 1/4 tsp applications are in the tube?
Does this firming and toning cream burn since it contains cayenne pepper as one of the ingredients?

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Rodial Rodial Boob Job

Immediate firming and lifting of the breasts.
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Questions & Answers for Rodial Rodial Boob Job


Can you use this product even if you already have breast implants?

asked 1 year, 8 months ago
on Rodial Boob Job
0 answers
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