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Did they change the formula? I remember buying this product before and it had bits of purple granules in it. Now it is a creamy white texture.
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can this product be used for men?
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I had an adverse reaction to Rogaine for women, which is also 2% minoxidil, and had to discontinue using it. How is this product different?
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Frederic Fekkai Overnight Hair Repair

Renews and repairs damaged hair while you sleep.
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Questions & Answers for Frederic Fekkai Frederic Fekkai Overnight Hair Repair


COST VS. VALUE: A user of this product asked the question: why is it so expensive?

I'd like to see this question of the cost addressed in a serious way. Is it the ingredients that cause the price of this hair care product? Is it a question of Frederic Fekkai's "famous" name and the brand awareness? What really is behind the pricing? Is it a hugely successfully selling item? Botanicals seem to command super high prices. But this is not presented as a "botanical." I am really curious and I turn to the Skinstore for answers! Thanks so much!
asked 4 years, 9 months ago
 - Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
on Frederic Fekkai Overnight Hair Repair
0 answers
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