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Recent questions
Recent question:
is it soap free?
Recent question:
is it alright to use a moisturizer with Retinol after the face wash?
Recent question:
I use the face wash in the Morning, what is best to use at night to clean your face?
Recent question:
Is it best to use this at night or in the morning? it lathers alot better in the shower in the morning than at the sink at night.
Recent answers
Can I use this morning and night or should I use the tonic at night to cleanse?
could anybody tell me if this face wash is a gel ?
Does this product have fragrance? I am sensitive to fragrance, looking for something for my husband.

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Lab Series Lab Series Multi-Action Face Wash

Super-foamingcleanser with gentle exfoliating beads wash away dirt and debris.
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is it soap free?

asked 2 years, 9 months ago
on Lab Series Multi-Action Face Wash
0 answers
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