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Customer Questions & Answers for
Supersmile Introductory Whitening System

Leaves your teeth smooth and clean while whitening stained teeth. A $128 Value
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Questions & Answers for Supersmile Supersmile Introductory Whitening System


Does supersmile work on crowns or porcelan veneers

asked 3 years, 9 months ago
 - New Jersey
on Supersmile Introductory Whitening System
1 answer
answer 1
It's worked on my veneers. I have a weak spot for red wine and noticed that my veneers weren't liking it as much as me. But, this stuff has whitened them up considerably. Also, if you have any sensitivity issues, like I did after veneers, Supersmile really, really helped in that area also. I use the whitening rods with the pastes, maybe that's what helps with the sensitivity, I don't know, but yeah this stuff seems to work.
answered 3 years, 9 months ago
 - washington state
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